Creating Web Sites

A special area of our work is the creation of e-commerce applications

We create any applications related to e-commerce. We connect already created Internet shops to payment systems or develop from the ground up Internet shops connected to any payment systems.

Our focus are is creation of sites "on a turn-key basis"

This means that we undertake the solution of all issues related to domain name registration, website placement on the Internet, creation of design and software design for the website, as well as conducting an advertising campaign using all the advertising opportunities of popular search engines.

The program for creating a "turnkey" site includes:

  • Domain name registration;
  • Placement on hosting sites;
  • Creation of site conceptual design;
  • Creation of software required to implement all the tasks;
  • Installation of the site management system;
  • Placement on the Internet;
  • Technical and consulting support of the site;
  • Promotion and advertising of the site on the Internet;

As a result, you get a beautiful, convenient, functional and untwisted website,
which is the key to success of your company on the Internet.