Creation of Telegram bots

A bot is a program that communicates with users via the Telegram chat and can perform any useful actions that the programmer will put into it.

Such as:
  • Sell tickets
  • Book a taxi
  • Find necessary information
  • Process images and sound
  • Send video from surveillance cameras
  • Play "edible inedible" or chess
  • Submit weather forecast
  • Open the door to the office
To interact with Bot, the user can send text commands
(Eg "/ order Tashkent-Moscow on June 10" or "/ video projector"), audio, video, photo, location or any files. The bot in the answer can send any messages (test, photo, audio, video, location, files).

Bots can give out any information on the first request and automate many of the routine activities that would normally be performed by a person. Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies want to have a twosome of such bots at their disposal. And in Telegram messenger, including. And sometimes developers of bots can ask for their creation of good money - if this is a unique task that requires an individual approach.

Creation of bots for Telegram

     Creation a bot for Telegram in several ways:
  • Write from scratch your own unique code. Option only for programmers. The advantage of this approach is obvious: you can write any bot, adapted to the needs of a particular customer;

  • Connect the Telegram bots constructor. From the web is enough. Advantage: the bot is created quite quickly and you can often not know any programming language at all;

  • Semi-automated method - when the logging of the bot is created in the designer, and only then it is completed for the needs of the customer manually.

We know how to make the right bots that will be convenient for you and your customers.