Mobile application creation

Mobile technologies are firmly entrenched in the life of modern man

With the help of their various modifications, business, management and private life are resolved. productivization of labor, managing material and financial assets, navigation, everyday communication and entertainment are just some points of the vast field where mobile solutions are actively introduced.

The modern world can not be imagined without mobile technology

The modern world can not be imagined without mobile technologies - they are needed to productivization of labor, financial management, navigation, communication and entertainment. Currently, the creation of a mobile application is becoming the same marketing business standard as the availability of a website. Our company creatures mobile applications under the two most popular mobile platforms - applications for iOS and applications for Android.

We create both native applications and mobile web applications, applying the optimal approach depending on the task being solved:

  • Mobile versions of sites;
  • Corporate applications (Applications for company work optimizing, for example, a mobile trading system.);
  • Mobile services (Independent commercial or non-commercial applications, for example, an online translator or a player.);
  • Information Widgets (Applications integrated with the website, allowing users to receive information from your site, for example, an application that gives out a car of the day for a car site or new bookings for a bookstore.);
  • Applications integrated with CRM and ERP-systems, with the accounting system;
  • Any other applications based on your needs;
  • Creation of business applications for iPad and iPhone, Android-based applications.