Promotion in social networks

Social media marketing or SMM refers to marketing activities based on the promotion or PR of a brand (product, service) in social media. The main task is to become "one's own" for the audience, to give her interesting information, to form a positive perception. With the wrong approach, there are high risks instead of loyalty to get open hostility.

In connection with the implementation of the new policy by search engines, their trust is significantly higher to those sites that have groups in social networks. Accordingly, this leads them to the best position in the search.

Ways to attract users from social media

1. creating a public or community. This is the simplest and most effective version of SMM today. As a result, you can get loyal visitors who will go to your resource and make purchases;

2. use of viral advertising. To create an information virus for the purposes of SMM is easy and difficult at the same time. Guarantees that the exciting and quality content spread across the global network with maximum speed, no. But if it works out, the results will surprise you. If you like the content, then it will be actively distributed by users.

3. competitions. Good traffic to the site from social networks give various raffles and contests. However, they still need to be able to conduct, select suitable gifts, preferably exclusive or expensive.

4. advertising in social networks. This is one of the most costly methods of SMM, but it can lead to you target audience. By ordering advertising your public in the thematic community, you can not only get new subscribers, but also real buyers of products.

Goals of promotion in social networks:

  • Formation of the base of potential customers;
  • Constant communication with the target audience;
  • sales growth;
  • Stimulation of repeated sales;
  • Improvement of brand awareness;
  • Increase the loyalty of your target audience to the brand;
  • Receiving feedback from existing customers.






 Facebook design and content 

 5 posts per week 

 8 posts per week

12 posts per week

 Group pumping, users 

 200 per month 

 500 per month


 450 000 sum 

 600 000 sum 

 800 000 sum 

Additional services:



 Creating a presentation video, about a minute 

  1 000 000 sum 

 Social advertising networks  

450 000 sum