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Promotion of low-cost websites in Uzbekistan

Well, you already have your own website, beautiful, fast, but to your great surprise the number of orders has not increased, the site is not popular and in the issuance of Google or Yandex search engines, it is far from being in TOP.

Web Studio Modern Developers will help you increase the site traffic, the number of orders, the popularity of your resource due to the quality promotion and promotion of the site.
Website promotion is a set of actions designed to increase the popularity of the site and to increase its position in search results. For this web studio Modern Developers performs the following actions:

  • We study your sphere;
  • We analyze the keywords for the site (semantic core);
  • Optimize the HTML code - the page being promoted, increasing its relevance;
  • We write quality material ourselves, or you provide, and we optimize it for key queries;
  • We buy links on the largest exchanges on your topic.

The cost of website promotion depends on the desired search queries, from their competition on the Internet.

The fastest and most popular way to attract customers is to advertise your services in contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising - one of the easiest way to promote the site and attract the target audience. It can be placed both in search engines, and on other sites on your subject, which guarantees an increase in the attendance of your resource by potential customers. Contextual advertising is one of the best tools for those who are interested in a quick result: the sale of goods or services. You determine the budget, the number of impressions, the target audience, the geography of the contextual advertising.

Where is it placed in the search engines? You enter a key query in the search engine, as a result of which you will be offered links to resources corresponding to the entered query, the first thing you will see is advertising on your topic.






Website promotion in
search engines

 3 key words

 5 key words

 10 key words


 300 000 sum / month 

 500 000 sum / month

 900 000 sum / month