About us

Our focus are is creation of sites "on a turn-key basis".

This means that we undertake the solution of all issues related to domain name registration, website placement on the Internet, creation of design and software design for the website, as well as conducting an advertising campaign using all the advertising opportunities of popular search engines.

We create any applications related to e-commerce.

We connect already created Internet shops to any payment systems or create from the ground up Internet shops. We create any financial services integrated with payment systems (exchange offices, virtual payment for domains, online ticket sales and much more).

Software products reliability

A reliable program must first of all provide a sufficiently low probability of failure in the process of functioning in real time. Rapid response to the distortion of programs, data or computing process and restoration of serviceability in a time less than the threshold between failure and failure, ensure high reliability of the programs.

Ensuring the software products reliability is our priority.

The result is achieved by experience

We have been working in the information technology market for more than 10 years and have already effectively implemented a number of projects in the fields of e-commerce and Internet marketing. We work in close contact with our customers to solve specific business problems.